Nyxt Browser

Nyxt is a keyboard-oriented, extensible web-browser inspired by Emacs and designed for power users. The application has familiar key-bindings, is fully configurable and extensible in Lisp, and has powerful features for productive professionals.

To find out more about Nyxt visit the official web-page located at http://nyxt.atlas.engineer. You can also view the source code which is available at https://github.com/atlas-engineer/nyxt.

Feature Highlights

Nyxt is lightweight and fast.

The interface does not get in your way, and everything can be done by keyboard. You are free to fully focus on your task unburdened by cumbersome UI.

History is represented as a tree.

History is a tree that you can traverse. More complex than the "forwards-backwards" abstraction found in other browsers, the tree makes sure you never lose track of where you've been.

Fast tab switching

Switch easily between your open tabs by fuzzy search. If you are looking for http://www.example.com, you could type in ele, exa, epl, and any other valid series of letters.

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