WooCommerce Dokan + TaxJar Integration

Atlas has developed the first, only, and most widely used WooCommerce + Dokan + Taxjar integration. Taxes are complex, and they've only gotten more complex with recent legislation. To ensure you're collecting the correct tax for your vendors and customers, use our plug-in.

Many people use WooCommerce (https://woocommerce.com/my-dashboard/) (as an eShop) in conjunction with Dokan (https://wedevs.com/dokan/) to enable multi-vendor support.

However, WooCommerce and Dokan are insufficient to correctly calculate taxes. Taxes in the past few years have become complex to navigate. How much should you charge your customers? Charge too much and you'll lose sales, charge too little, and you'll end up eating into your margins.

To develop a tax system, or to use WooCommerce's built in tax system is simply not enough. It doesn't calculate many of the myriad of exceptions and rules in how tax is calculated across state borders. This is why we developed an integration for TaxJar and Dokan.

This integration allows you to use TaxJar with a multi-vendor marketplace and still calculate the correct amount of tax to charge for each item in the cart. This makes your platform more attractive to vendors and customers alike.

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